Instructional Videos for Resistance Training Movements

If you check the “Videos” section of GoalkeeperWOD, you’ll now find some instructional videos for most of the barbell movements programmed here, as well as a couple of bodyweight movement exercises.  If you’re not too familiar with the movements, take a look at the videos section for some quick tutorials that, while they won’t have you breaking any World Records, should be enough to get you on your path in competency for the lifts.  Check out the VIDEOS section when you get a chance.  As always, any feedback is encouraged.

Summer Session 2013 – Week 6, Day 1


  • Lateral Skater Jumps  – 4x6ea leg
  • Lateral Box Jumps – 4x5ea side


  • (A1) Power Clean + Front Squat – (2+3)x4 @ 75%
  • (B1) Push Press – 4×5@60% of Clean and Jerk
  • (C1) Back Squat – 1×5@60%, 1×5@70%, 1×3@80%, 2×3 @ 85%
  • (D1) Single Leg RDL – 3x6ea
  • (D2) Ab Wheel Rollouts – 3×10
  • (D3) Bear Crawls – 3x20yds down and back

Daily Volume (Compound Barbell Movements) – 59 reps

2 responses to “Instructional Videos for Resistance Training Movements

  1. Hey, Catman1984 (I think we were once aligned against someone giving advice in the r/bootroom about “god-given” speed), just posting to give you feedback, great work. Keep it up. I’m not a goalkeeper, but similarly, I discovered the enormous benefits of S&C, especially for players who have good technique and good decision-making, far too late. It’s just a hobby for me with no aspirations to pursue a coaching career but I scour the web for information. I find this journal article you may be interested in and may be applicable to goalkeeping, “Effects of neuromuscular function and split step on reaction speed in simulated tennis response”.

    • Hi Gerard,

      Thanks for reading. I am glad that you too are interested. I believe that S&C is not only a huge benefit in terms of injury prevention, but can be a distinguishing point for a player on the pitch. All technical and tactical things being equal, the fitter/faster/stronger player will win out every time. I will do a PubMed search for the article you mention – I am always trying to learn more!

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